Studies have shown that playing video games provides several benefits. Other than entertaining people, it also helps train the brain and improve social skills. In addition, other research have noted the educational and therapeutic uses of these video games.

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People in search of brain challenging games have a wide choice today. There are the so-called brain apps that can help players perform a variety of tasks and even take control of their emotional state. They are called as such as their main objective is to train a person’s brain. Read More

Gaming is sure to remain popular among kids and adults going into the future. Whether using mobile devices or computers, people will continue to enjoy and get entertained with video games of all types.

But more than just the graphics and playing the game, the plot, dialogues and characters also play a very vital role. And major credit here goes to the creative video game writers who come up with unique stories and settings for various types of gaming platforms such as the PlayStation, PCs, mobile, Xbox, tablets and social networking sites.

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Movies continue to be a big influence in many video games. However, top game writers would prefer to see games being influenced by other forms of media such as books, theater, comics and real-world events. Comics, for instance, has been revived in the movie business in recent years such as Iron Man, Blue and Ghost World. Read More

It’s a fact that playing video games is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today for both kids and adults worldwide. Statistics can prove it.

In 2013, for example, Nielsen revealed that gamers in the U.S. aged 13 and older spent 6.3 hours every week playing video games. This figure was up from 5.6 hours in 2012. Among the systems most frequently used, the personal computer was beaten by Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Mobile phones were on third place followed by tablets.

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While many people are now so fond of these video games, perhaps only some know how they were created. In fact, many would immediately credit the game designer for the graphics they see. But did you know that a game writer also plays a vital role in these games? This only means that the high demand for game designers also applies to these game writers. After all, there won’t be any game to do graphics for if there’s no story in the first place. Read More

The mobile version of the Fallout video game has just been released and in only a week’s time, it has gained so much popularity particularly among those using Apple devices. Android users are now eagerly awaiting the next release for their mobile gadgets.

The release date of Fallout on Android platforms has not been confirmed but reports have it that it should be by August. This means the Android version is still being completed and should be out soon, according to a member of the Fallout Shelter team.


Why the mobile version? It’s because of the fact that more people now play games using their smartphones, said Bethesda Game Studios game director Todd Howard. He added that they have always wanted to create a mobile game and now that it has materialized, they are overwhelmed with the reception their first mobile game got from smartphone users. Read More

The raves for Grand Theft Auto V continues particularly with the recent release of its PC version (Microsoft Windows). This has long been awaited and now that it’s finally out after four years of waiting, PC gamers are very ecstatic.


The GTA 5 open-world and adventure video game was already released two years ago but for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 only. By 2014, the improved version was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This very popular game among boys, young and old alike, is set in San Andreas, a fictional state in Southern California. Originally a single-player story, it revolves around the lives of three criminals and their moves to conduct heists. Read More

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Among kids and adults today, the iPad has become a widely used gaming device. Thanks to the improved features of Apple’s tablet including graphics and controls, gamers today are being entertained just the way they want it.

In fact, a 2014 study done by Smarty Pants revealed that the iPad has overtaken McDonald’s and Disney as the most popular brand among American children 6 to 12 years of age. A separate survey conducted by showed that 87 percent of iPad owners use their tablet every day.

If you’re a serious gamer or somebody who just wants to install an app on his or her iPad to entertain you once in a while, here are some of the highly recommended iPad games that you should check out. Read More