ipad as a gaming device

Among kids and adults today, the iPad has become a widely used gaming device. Thanks to the improved features of Apple’s tablet including graphics and controls, gamers today are being entertained just the way they want it.

In fact, a 2014 study done by Smarty Pants revealed that the iPad has overtaken McDonald’s and Disney as the most popular brand among American children 6 to 12 years of age. A separate survey conducted by seven.co.uk showed that 87 percent of iPad owners use their tablet every day.

If you’re a serious gamer or somebody who just wants to install an app on his or her iPad to entertain you once in a while, here are some of the highly recommended iPad games that you should check out. Read More

Oct 27 2014

Gamergate is Not Ok


By now nearly everyone in the gaming industry has heard of Gamergate, which refers to an ongoing controversy on misogynistic attacks on women in the industry. The issue of the treatment of women in a male-dominated industry has been around for a while now, but it wasn’t until game developer Zoe Quinn was attacked in a bitter blog post (written by an ex-boyfriend) that its come to more peoples’ attention.

Every day, it seems, there’s something new: a few days ago, actress and “geek icon” Felicia Day said she was terrified of threats she received after posting about the issue on her blog: Read More


Dying Light is an upcoming zombie game from the same team who brought you Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. Dying Light is an action survival RPG, and offers a first person perspective. You must journey through a vast world full of peril and dangers. Parkour is your main means of transportation, and you’ll have to think FAST and on your feet, considering ravenous hordes of zombie-like creatures will be chasing you, just dying to consume your flesh and feast on your organs. By day, you travel the town, searching for survivors and supplies, undertaking dangerous missions for the betterment of the last vestiges of society. By night, you best tie your running shoes a bit tighter, because the zombies are far more active by night and seem to grow an even bigger appetite after the sun goes down! Read More


It’s a reality that a great number of people, young and old alike, are into gaming today. Whether using a computer, a mobile device or a gaming console, these avid fans spend hours playing their favorite video games every day. Read More


It’s a fact that brands have conquered social media. Whether new or already famous and known internationally, they have established an online presence on most social networking platforms including the photo sharing site Instagram. And why not? Being there where your fans hang out is the best way to earn their loyalty and gain new followers.

Gaming enthusiasts may not have yet developed an interest on Instagram when it comes to discovering things about their hobby but they should learn to trust the site. Currently, there are many gaming brands that have created accounts in the platform and we share some of them here worth following moving onward. Read More


Facebook has so many ways to entertain its users. Apart from letting people communicate on the site through the exchanging of messages, sharing of photos and creating a life story via the life events, it has numerous game apps as well.

Instagram is not to be outdone because it, too, has its own game app. This is known as the InstaMatch which launched in early 2012.

By its name alone, one would readily know that the game is a matching type. But it’s not the usual and classic one people know because there’s a twist to it. Read More