What Do You Think Of Video Game Cheats?

November 23, 2010 | Posted by sharker in Cheats

Come on, admit it – don’t be shy. You have used video game cheats at least once, haven’t you? As complicated and difficult video game developers have made many of the video games, they always provide a way out – video game cheats. So are video game cheats any good? Is it ok for a gamer to use video game cheats?

Kenneth Elliott, in his article says:

On one hand, some of the recent games are so difficult that is would be very hard to get to certain levels. So, maybe it is good to provide codes so that everyone can experience the FULL game. But I say this is only a way for the game manufacturers to get the gamer to finish the game and focus them to go out and buy another game.

Video games have gotten so complex, since the days of Pong and PacMan, that the game authors have purposely thrown in some back doors and other shortcuts to aid the weary player. The problem is, most of these back doors are so well hidden that these same authors have to leak the game cheats or no one would ever find them on their own.

As you can see, the argument is that gamers need to have ways to finish the games as it is hard to do it on their own. Then again, I am pretty sure that there are lots of gamers there who can finish video games without cheats.

So are video game cheats necessary? I am not so sure. What about you?


Why Game Cheats Take the Fun Out of Games

August 12, 2010 | Posted by sharker in Cheats, Kotaku, Reviews, Tips

To whom should the presence of cheats and tips to make a game easier be credited to, the developers or the hackers? It only boils down to two sides of people in most cases. While hackers may get praises for their brilliance, what does this say about the actual game developers? Are these actually given or were they intended to cover up the game glitches which they cannot seem to solve?

Program Hackers

Most games released nowadays would be open to these. It is true that similar to most programs and implemented systems, games are not error or bug free. These are usually found by people who simply cannot ignore their curiosity. A flaw in the system is sure to ensue. It is bound to inspire the hackers and code breakers since the recognition of such is too hard to pass up.

On the other hand, such would be welcome news towards avid gamers who are simply impatient to go through the game entirely. For one, getting through various stages and levels without having to restart at times from the beginning is a bonus in itself. Besides, finishing the game until the ending credits is the objective of any gamer.

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Familiarization with the Controller Keys

Game Pad Controllers

For game consoles, the need for a gamer to be familiar with the controller buttons which corresponds to a particular command in the chosen games such as Tekken and Mortal Kombat is a need to enjoy the game and interface much easier. Such controller buttons once combined properly will produce special moves and secret effects that make the gaming experience for games a whole lot worth it.

Truth of the matter is that most games, either fighting or role playing games offer more than just graphical presentation to impress the gamers. For older people the essence of game play and hidden secrets in games is something that they would initially want to crack. A good source to find out such hidden codes and combinations would be the Internet. A lot of sites like Gamespy offers such codes and walkthroughs for gamers to practice them once they get the chance to try it out for themselves in their PlayStation, Xbox and Wii game consoles.

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Pokemon Emerald Secrets

June 21, 2010 | Posted by sharker in Cheats, Gameboy, Tips

Pokemon may not be as red hot as it once was a few years ago but a big fan base still eagerly await any new Pokemon releases. Pokemon Emerald may have been released almost a year ago but this GBA game is still being played by many Pokemon fans because it is such a joy to play. Below you can find some secrets to the game that you can exploit: The Mystery Gift.

In order to get the mystery gift, visit the pokemon mart and press A on the paper that you will see on the counter. You should then try to insert the phrase “LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL.” You can press select in order to more easily locate the words. When you have done this the store lady will request to talk to you. She will tell you that the mystery gift has been unlocked.

Hatching eggs – how to make it go faster

This is pretty simple. All you need to do is to place a pokemon that possess the Flame Body or Magma Armor ability in your team. Do this and you can cut the number of steps that are required to hatch an egg.

Swarm’s second ability

Swarm is a pokemon ability that basically has two distinct effects. The first effect is to increase the Bug type attacks 150 per cent when the player has been weakened. What is new to Pokemon Emerald though is that it causes pokemon to cry in the background with more frequency.

Raising weak pokemon

There is an easier way of raising weak pokemons. Put the pokemon on the first slot. When there is a battle quickly choose that pokemon. When the battle finishes, the pokemon will get half of the experience points.

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Discovering the Secret Moves for Playstation 2 Games

February 14, 2007 | Posted by sharker in Cheats, New Games, News, Play Station, PlayStation 2, Playstation 3, PSP

Most game addicts would study and look for the proper way to execute the special moves or hidden secrets that most games such as Mortal Kombat and WWE games would usually include. For the latter, such moves are similar to the signature moves that people see in the actual show on television. The objective then is to determine how to execute such moves.

Playstation Cheats

Mortal Kombat on the other hand has already established even before the individual strengths and special powers that each character has to offer. It all depends on which among the buttons should be done, or the combination to use the powers.

Much of these secrets can be found on the web through sites such as http://www.ps2cheats.com. These sites house the aids and tips to help a player enjoy the game masterfully. Actually, by doing a simple search query, the combinations and tips would usually be just the same. It only depends if the site visited is actually reliable and secure.

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Game Cheats to See Unlockable Secrets

February 12, 2007 | Posted by sharker in Cheats, Online Gaming, PC, Play Station, PlayStation 2, Playstation 3, Tips

The purpose of most game cheats offered online is to be able to advance faster and see the actual footage of the ending of the plot of games. End credits and unlockable items such as that of things found in playstation game consoles is something avid gamers would often be after.

Game Enthusiasts and Cheater

The web offers a lot of discovered cheats and tips to make game-play a lot easier. While this would certainly take out some of the challenges in the game, there are people who would play the game from the beginning without the usual cheats. The only thing is, the player would know what to do in such cases, unlike on his first try without cheats, and he is made to think.

Button combinations and input of certain codes are the usual practice for using cheats in the game. Overall, they may be helpful, but to the serious gamer who loves challenges; this may not always be comforting to note or do.

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Earning Money in RPG Games like WOW

January 31, 2007 | Posted by sharker in Cheats, Online Gaming, PC, Reviews, Tips

Call it crazy, but the thing that all online role playing games have in common is that of finding ways, legally or through cheats, on how to be able to raise money or gold for their characters to survive and get stronger. In games such as the World of Warcraft, players can choose from a variety of professions to earn up and survive in the world. The easiest way of course is to go adventuring and slay monsters as they come.

World of Warcraft Gold

But there are people who want to earn through other means, like being merchants or tradesmen. Some may have already grown tired of the usual encounters and battling of the NPC characters in a game. Other players would satisfy themselves by simply gathering resources and storing them for various skills to master such as blacksmithing and carpentry.

The raw materials in WOW Gold is good as money in the bank because for one, rarely would you see players discipline themselves in storing materials such as wood, ores and other raw materials. But such players do exist and this is a fact, especially when raising funds for character benefits in WOW Gold are concerned.

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Playstation 2 Cheats and Codes: Why People Look For Them

December 28, 2006 | Posted by sharker in Cheats, Play Station, PlayStation 2, Playstation 3, PSP

Playstation Cheats Screens

Game cheats and codes can be surfed anywhere on the web. There are numerous sites which contain helpful cheats and codes, most of which avid gamers look for to be able to make life easier as far as playing games on their Playstation 2 console.

While some would refrain from looking for these cheats, some are just impatient and want to see the secrets that are behind every game that comes out every now and then. Such discoveries tend to take out the excitement out of such games, but just the same, revealing and unlocking certain in-game secrets, characters, and special items will always offer a more entertaining time playing the game.

There are players who would rather play the game first, complete levels and the whole objective of the game like the Gran Turismo Series, NBA Live Series and the role playing games that most people get hooked on like the Final Fantasy Series. Without the use of cheats and codes, special abilities and the level of difficulty of such games will surely make it frustrating for those who have little patience. But for the people who want to take the long route there are sites on the web that can help aid them in the course of their game play.

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Warcraft Crusades

November 12, 2006 | Posted by sharker in Cheats, New Games, Online Gaming, Reviews

Anyone remotely exposed to online gaming would have heard of the World of Warcraft. The popularity of this MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) has reached such heights that its effects have extended even to the real world. World of Warcraft gold has been one of the most valuable commodities in the past years and people have been earning tons of money off it. Of course, that is not to say that this practice is not frowned upon by Blizzard. That topic is off tangent, though, as I would like to look into the newest patch that Blizzard has in store for World of Warcraft fans the Burning Crusade.

Word has it that the new WoW will have some new zones as well as two new races; namely the Blood Elves for the Horde and the Draenei for the alliance. Both of these races will be able to join the five existing character classes warriors, hunters, paladins, mages, and priests. With regards to the playing area, the main addition would be the Outlands, which is reportedly HUGE. If nothing else, players would have a lot of land to travel in. Of course, so that the existing zones wont be abandoned when the Burning Crusades comes out, new raid dungeons are also being opened up in the existing zones. This is certainly something to look forward to for avid PC gamers.

Blizzard is not one for hurrying things up though. They do aim to release the Burning Crusade sometime this year but as they say, they focus on quality. For fans of all ages, I guess we just have to wait a little bit more.

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Dark Resurrection

November 10, 2006 | Posted by sharker in Cheats, PSP, Reviews, Tips

Released in late July 2006, this latest installment in the Tekken series seems to have taken the gaming world by storm. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was released for the PSP. Game-starved PSP enthusiasts didnt waste any time grabbing the latest in games.

Of course, Tekken has always been a favorite for many people. The Tekken games for PS2 never had any problems with the gaming public but what we have seen of Tekken 5 for the PSP seems to blow everything away! The graphics are awesome and you have a host of mini-games to play with. Lets not forget the multiplayer options. You will never get bored with Tekken 5. In fact, I think Tekken 5 is just what the PSP needs right now to get right into the heat of things.

With Tekken 5, you have a whole new range of characters to choose from. In fact, there are more than 30 characters all line up for you. The whole gaming experience is enhanced by better moves, new interface improvements, new ranks, and even new music.

If youre the competitive type and you want to play against someone real, you will not be disappointed with the multiplayer feature. You can share one UMD and play with your friend or you can play against virtual opponents using the Ghost feature. No matter what you choose, your gaming experience will surely be satisfying. That is why Gamespot gave it a 9.2 score. What more can you say? Try and see for yourself.

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